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Digital Innovation

The Lancashire Cyber Foundry (LCF) offers the opportunity for your business to explore the development of new digital products and services. The LCF digital innovation team provides a fully funded research & development service, supporting practical investigation of innovative applications of new technologies for your business.

Innovation is either coming up with new ideas or using old ideas in a new way. But, everyone thinks innovation happens in a single step. Except in our experience it’s never that easy. Having an idea is one thing, but designing and building it is another thing completely. From our experience of working with companies across the North West we know it’s hard for SME’s to spend time, money and resources on innovation and seeing their ideas go to market. That’s where we come in.

We have a dedicated team of professional software engineers ready to support your business through this digital innovation journey. Your business will be allocated a member of our software engineering team to work with you on a digital innovative product or service for your business for up to three months.

Whatever stage your innovative ideas is at, whether it’s just an idea or a prototype or it’s nearly to market, we’re here to help you along the way.

Previous projects for companies

To give you an idea of the breadth and depth of experience of our development team, here are a sample of projects they’ve worked on previously:

• Investigation and prototyping of business risk analysis tools
• Design and initial development of a remote telemetry go-kart management system
• Evaluative security report on a rural internet of things device for farming
• Development and prototyping of algorithms for healthy lifestyle app
• Virtual reality (VR) research and testing to investigate use of VR in knee rehabilitation
• Secure data storage design in compliance with GDPR
• Prototyping of internet of things systems which support vulnerable living
• Investigation and initial design of DBS validation system
• Investigation into cryptographic techniques to make medical records more secure whilst staying accessible

“The Lancaster Cyber Foundry helped us to move our organisation forwards and to create new ways of generating income when the pandemic took away so many of the routes through which we had always worked.

The team worked with us to create well worked-through tools which would help us to understand our customers’ needs and to make contact with them. It also provided for us new frameworks in which to think about our strengths and vulnerabilities and ways of approaching the challenges we faced.

The workshop sessions were valuable and provided useful networks along with a host of materials and techniques which we will keep using into the future.”

Alastair Richards, CEO, North West Cancer Research

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