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Are smart devices safe to use at work?

2020 saw the smart home market value hit £70bn and by 2025 its predicted to reach £110bn. The market is both diverse and competitive with an ever-growing range of smart products available from industry giants such as Amazon and Google. The Smart Connected Home Ecosystem, it here to stay. Although there’s no shortage of utility and novelty, many people are starting to ask the question how safe are they in a business environment? 

What is digital innovation support?

The Lancashire Cyber Foundry (LCF) offers the opportunity for small to medium enterprises to explore the development of new digital product and services. The LCF Digital Innovation team provides a Research & Development service, enabling practical investigation of innovative applications of technology within a business, often leading to a software prototype. 

A brief introduction to quantum computing

Quantum computers have appeared in science fiction novels and films for years but what actually are they and why are so many tech giants talking about them now? Modern computing technology has come far from the first computer and now quantum computers are no longer science fiction. What does the mean for modern technology and more importantly security? 

Zoom vs. Teams vs. Meet: which should you use?

The three main frontrunners in the video conferencing arms race are: Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. You’d be forgiven for thinking that “they’re all the same, right?” This is broadly true, and they share a lot of the same core functionality but they differ around security. 

Is 3D printing secure enough for your business?

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is becoming more mainstream with 3D printers more commercially available. The cost of 3D printers has plummeted. At the time of writing, there are 3D printers as cheap as £70. The accuracy of 3D printing has improved and continues to get better. The machines are more user-friendly, and it’s easier to design 3D models thanks to free software programs.

A business introduction to social media

Social media is a powerful communications tool which offers distinct and unique marketing benefits. Every major organisation in the world uses social media. You don’t need to be a marketing expert to use social media effectively, whatever resources you have, with social media, a little can go a long way.

Business social media guidance

Social media is a powerful communications tool. It can be tricky to get the mix of personal and professional right, and it can be overwhelming- Who to follow? How often to engage? What platform to focus us? What to say?

A brief introduction to artificial intelligence

The first thing that may come to mind when considering artificial intelligence may be the idea of machines that are just as intelligent as humans or may be near indistinguishable from human minds. Artificial intelligence does include such study, as well as the more philosophical ideas of what the implications of a “thinking machine” would be, AI also encompasses a much broader area of development. Artificial intelligence includes software such as rules based systems, predictive analytics and pattern recognition.

A small business’ guide to backing up data

The first lecture I ever received as a Computer Science undergraduate was about the importance of backing up data. It is essential for everyone but particularly important for small businesses. Small businesses often don’t have the infrastructure of larger companies and as such backing up is often seen as a hassle. Here’s an easy small business guide to backing up your data.

What is 5G?

Not only is 5G (fifth generation) a new faster network, but it has the potential to radically change the internet and the way we interact with it. Through its greater use of the radio spectrum it will enable more Internet of Things devices to access the internet at the same time and communicate with each other with minimal delay. Experts predict that a connected world with smart home technology, smart cities with driverless cars, and industry automation will be the start the 5G technological revolution. So, what could your business do with 5G technology?

How to throw away an old business computer safely

Before you even think about taking a hammer to the hard drive or taking it to your local recycling point, there are some steps you should take to ensure that you not only protect the environment when disposing of an old computer, but also yourself.

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