Emerging Trends

Artificial Intelligence Website Development

Artificial Intelligence Website Development Download ‘Artificial Intelligence Website Development’ as as PDF We are currently amidst a “gold-rush” in development of generative Artificial Intelligence, which are pieces of technology that can create never-before-seen content off of user input. Most recently, OpenAI and they’re revolutionary ChatGPT generative AI powered chatbot has […]

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The Project Management Revolution: AI and Project Management

The Project Management Revolution: AI and its Implications on Project Management Download ‘The Project Management Revolution: AI and its Implications on Project Management’ as a PDF Artificial Intelligence (AI) indicates the advanced functions performed by machines or robots that would have been normally possible only by the intelligence of human […]

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Do You Need Blockchain?

Blockchain: What Is It and Does Your Business Need It? Download ‘Blockchain: What Is It and Does Your Business Need It?’ as a PDF  Blockchain has become a very well-known buzz word in the business world but quite often there is not an accompanying explanation of what it is. People […]

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What is 5G? 

What is 5G?  Not only is 5G (fifth generation) a new faster network, but it has the potential to radically change the internet and the way we interact with it. Through its greater use of the radio spectrum it will enable more Internet of Things devices to access the internet […]

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Post-COVID predictions

Post-COVID predictions For many people 2020 was one of the worse years in recent history however, it emphasised the importance of technology in the new age of working from home and limited in-person interaction. This article discusses some predictions for what will happen to technology and cyber security in the […]

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A brief introduction to quantum computing

A Brief Introduction to Quantum Computing Quantum computers have appeared in science fiction novels and films for years but what actually is it and why are so many tech giants talking about it now? Modern computing technology has come far from the first computer and now quantum computers are no […]

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