Daily Archives: June 23, 2021

Post-COVID predictions

Post-COVID predictions For many people 2020 was one of the worse years in recent history however, it emphasised the importance of technology in the new age of working from home and limited in-person interaction. This article discusses some predictions for what will happen to technology and cyber security in the […]

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Marketing cyber credentials

Marketing Cyber Credentials This article looks at the benefits of investing in cyber security, and how leading and embedding cyber security credentials within your marketing communications can, not only, help protect your business, but sell it too. Download ‘Marketing cyber credentials’ as a PDF Why you should celebrate cyber security […]

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How to secure a new PC

How to secure a new PC It’s no secret that during 2020 small and medium size businesses have bought more IT equipment for homeworking. But with the number of cyber-attacks having increased 40% since 2019, many are asking how best to secure this new equipment. This article looks at five […]

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Business social media guidance

Business social media guidance Social media is a powerful communications tool. It can be tricky to get the mix of personal and professional right, and it can be overwhelming- who to follow? How often to engage? What platform to focus us? What to say?  Download ‘Business social media guidance’ as […]

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