1. What is the Lancashire Cyber Foundry?


2. Who delivers the LCF?


3. What kind of support can I get for my business from the LCF?


4. Will support from LCF cost my business anything?


5. How do I join the LCF Programme?


6. Is my business eligible for the LCF?


7. What technical support is there?


8. How is the LCF Funded?


9. What events are there?


10. How do I access the online modules?


11. I would like support on a topic that’s not one of the areas of expertise identified. Can you still help me?


12. What happens to the IP if we create something new?


13. What is a proof of concept or proof of concept?

The meaning of these terms can vary. In general, we mean it to refer to an early version of a piece of software which defines the broad functions and demonstrates the principle features of a system or component. It is not intended as a market ready product and will likely need further refinement. However, a prototype or proof of concept allows a business to make an informed decision about whether to proceed with an idea and invest further time and resources.


14. How have other businesses benefited from the LCF?


15. I have questions not answered here, who do I contact?