Case Studies

The kinds of work we have done already on projects like those we can deliver through LCF include:

Case Study 1

A business providing a premium risk management consultancy was interested in developing smaller revenue streams to balance large contract work. The company’s knowledge of risk analysis was used to develop a digital tool that provided a subscription service to a risk self-assessment tool that could be used by a business regularly.

Case Study 2

An entrepreneur had an idea for a mobile application that supported athletes in training.  The project team were able to help in developing the business model from a technical point of view, and create a prototype mobile application using secure by design principles, which could be used to attract investors and suppliers.

Case Study 3

A digital agency working for health clients wished to find a way to reduce missed appointments. The project team utilised cloud services and speech recognition software using privacy by design principles to develop an ‘intelligent agent’ able to deal with some simple enquiries and arrange appoints out of hours.

Other examples of recent projects include development of a risk analysis plugin, a remote telemetry solution with secure communications, evaluation of an Internet of Things software application and a secure data storage design.